Dombay Russian

For a rich and intense after-meal. Cream and DOMBAY Classic are a guarantee so if you have never tried it, or if you are in love with it, find out how easy it is to make a good Dombay Russian at home

200 ml vodka
80 g fresh liquid cream
80 ml of Dombay Classic
Ice to taste
Whipped cream to taste

Coffee beans and whipped cream

To prepare the Dombay Russian pour 2-3 ice cubes into a low tumbler glass . Add 50 ml straight vodka and 20 ml Dombay Classic. Stir with a teaspoon and hold for a moment. Pour the cold cream into the shaker, close with the smaller cup and shake for a few seconds to obtain a more swollen mixture. Tap the small cup to detach it from the larger one and place the strainer on the shaker. Strain the cream by pouring it into the glass and the Dombay Russian is ready: garnish with whipped cream, coffee beans and enjoy immediately