Blanc Moscato


Only an important grape variety such as Moscato and the artistry of master distillers could bring us a delicate grappa like this. The taste is soft even with its moderate alcohol content and variety of scents and tactile sensations.
Just the drink for a relaxing after-dinner moment, to give value to time spent with friends and loved ones.


The Moscato pomace is collected fresh from selected suppliers and distilled with
low temperature steam (just over 100°C) to enable the extraction of the volatile components
without damaging them, particularly the primary aromas of the original grape.

Refinement in stainless steel vats for at least one year confers a greater balance compared to freshly distilled alternatives.
The “transformation” to the final alcohol content (40°) is obtained by water dilution and cold filtration at a temperature which assures preservation of the aromatic components. A colourless crystal clear grappa. The nose hints are firm and fragrant.

The delicate aroma of the original grape is pleasantly persistent.

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