Storica Nera Bio

storica nera bio

Bartender Spirits Awards 2023 - Silver


International Organic Awards 2022


Women’s Wine & Spirits Awards 2022


International Organic Awards 2021


The WineHunter Award 2018 - Gold Award


The unquestionable excellence of Storica® Nera achieved using pomace from certified organic grapes.

The slow distillation allows to transfer all of the aromatic richness which characterises this crystal clear grappa.

Refined and elegant, for those seeking finesse in the aromas and a long finish together with quality and awareness of the respect for environment.



Grappa made of organic pomace from selected certified suppliers.

The pomace comes from organic grapes and is collected extremely fresh in distillery, where is stored in dedicated spaces, sealed from air in order to preserve alcoholic fermentation.

Dedicated equipment is employed for production, while the distillation plant is carefully cleansed to eliminate the residues of other processes prior to its use.

Distillation is slowly conducted in eight copper pot stills, to produce a “raw” grappa with approximately 75 per cent alcohol.

Then the “transformation” is achieved to the final 50° alcohol content, perfect for enhancing its important aromatic intensity.

Storica® Nera BIO offers a rich and fine nose with strong notes.

The aftertaste is harmonious and characterised by a round and balanced bouquet.

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