Dombay Classic

Dombay Classic

Falstaff Spirits Special 2022


Diamond Spirits Award 2019


Creamy, velvety, low-alcoholic and sweet enough. The right combination of ingredients makes DOMBAY Classic a brilliant hazelnut cream and a characteristic toffee perfume.

Try it smooth or with ice, ideal for enjoying a good coffee or mixed in your favorite cocktail.

The perfect mix to suit your taste.


A cream is a liqueur obtained from an alcoholic base supplemented with cream.

The cream is prepared carefully to ensure the maximum velvet effect, so it is added to pure alcohol.

The flavoring of the liquor lend it a flavor of candy mou, caramel and light toasting.

The alcohol content (17 °) brings out the aromas of milk that well marries the other flavors and odours present.


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