Neri Cabernet


A classic among the single varietal grappas.

The frank scents and refined nose accompany the evident, elegant and long taste on the palate. A distillate of moderate alcohol content suitable for those who seek that sense of long-established tradition in their grappa.


The alcoholic fermentation of the pomace occurs in the must and then in the cellar, a process that ensures raw material rich in the best aromatic elements.

The grape pomace is collected fresh from selected suppliers and stored in silos for a few months, from the moment of the first racking.

Distillation occurs in eight copper pot stills at a low temperature (just over 100°C) with steam blown into the base of the stills allowing for the extraction of the best volatile components of the pomace.
Refinement in stainless steel vats for at least one year confers a greater balance compared to freshly distilled alternatives.
A colourless crystal clear grappa. The nose hints are frank and fragrant, elegant and fine.
The taste is well-balanced and persistent. Thanks to the pomace of the black grapes and its particular alcoholic fermentation, the resulting distillate is characterised by a round and balanced bouquet.

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