The founders


Four generations at the service of continuity and of a quality indisputable in time. 120 years for the satisfaction of our customers



A stern-looking gentleman and his wife, dressed in a long skirt and with her head covered, sit in front of their house, a moment that does not need the colours spectrum to be told, but the most suitable memory to start telling the story of Pietro Domenis. Last-born of a large family, he settled in Cividale del Friuli and received a still as a gift from his father. This is how, back in 1898, thanks to the wisdom of the distillation art and the territory richness, he laid the foundations for what is now a flourishing company. Only after a few years, in 1910, thanks to an even today secret and ancient production method, the distillery was already listed among the main ones in Udine area. Pietro is in fact a perfect master distiller, capable to obtain products with their own identity, with immediately recognizable characteristics of excellent and fine quality.

SECOND GENERATION: the evolution

Pietro’s teachings and the secrets to produce fine spirits were passed down to Emilio, who led of the factory alternating it with the love for the land that offered him the valuable raw material: with nature as a teacher, he brought great benefits to the production, giving specific paces and rhythms to the procedure, in favor of an even better product.

Emilio’s passion for his work and his love for the territory have deeply influenced the following generations.

THIRD GENERATION: the perfection

The wisdom of Emilio was inherited by his sons: Pietro, the oldest, profound connoisseur of the product and process uniqueness, tirelessly searching for an ever better quality; Silvano, the youngest, Founder and President of the Consorzio di tutela della Grappa Friulana for 25 years, who has been able to translate his brother’s experience into innovative projects and processes in the distillation plant; and then Dino, who, as a good expert in the market, developed the bases of the sales network that currently covers the entire Italian territory and stimulated the production to create an even more exclusive grappa, Storica®.

FOURTH GENERATION: the creative continuity

Domenis changes its image, an improvement repeatedly rewarded over the years. The best traditional products and the creativity innovation come together to satisfy the most demanding palates.

Cristina, member of the fourth generation, currently operates in the company. Graduated in Agricultural Sciences with an experimental thesis on grappa and a Ph.D. in Food Biotechnology, she is today Head of Production and Maître de Chai.