Enoteca Collection by Romina Dorigo

Storica Nera – Enoteca Collection by Romina Dorigo – COLLECTIBLE SET

Nose, taste but also sight weave together in a journey into excellence: the timeless Storica Nera merges Romina Dorigo, renowned Friulan designer. Two realities linked by a close territorial link come together to create the perfect combination of grappa and fashion in the first set of six autographed and numbered bottles, limited edition, collectible.


A collection entitled MARAVEE, a word that means “marvel”. A mixture of contemplation and territoriality. The exclusivity of the creations lies in the contact between two realities attentive to choices and attentive to their surroundings. An attention shown through graphic compositions that blend sustainability, art and fashion combined with the Friulian cradle with its colors, scents and souls. sometimes cryptic, sometimes extremely generous, it can only inspire the hearts and minds of those who know how to listen and see.

A single thread underlying all the creations, the aesthetics of the memento mori and the meaning of beauty, temporality and value attached to it. Recycling and sustainability combined with so much contemporaneity are poured into a sublime and refined art such as tailoring. An oxymoron that is completed in a strident and disenchanted harmony of white clothes, ethereal atmospheres, impossible collages and inquiring lines.

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