A single varietal grappa inspired by one of the world’s most well-known grapes.

An original mix of scents is rendered by the distillate which easily satisfies the tastes of enthusiasts of a frank grappa and those that distrust any product that is less than perfect. Every moment, every occasion is a good one when the distiller’s craft enters the glass.


The Verduzzo grape pomace is collected fresh from selected suppliers from the time of the original grape harvest and and its alcoholic fermentation takes place, after separation from the must, directly in the silo. In this crucial phase it is very important to shelter it from the air according to a delicate method where the silo roof is covered to promote the conditions favourable to the yeasts which are responsible for alcoholic fermentation. Distillation occurs in eight copper pot stills.
A judicious cutting of heads and tails is made only by the expert master distiller who has a perfect knowledge of the processed raw material that evolves from day to day during its preservation.

A colourless crystal clear grappa. The nose hints are frank and fragrant.
The taste is pleasantly persistent.
The white grape pomace confers on the distillate an intense and complex set of aromas.

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