Dombay Choco

Dombay Choco

Women’s Wine & Spirits Awards 2022


Diamond Spirits Award 2019


Hot, rich and sumptuous taste. DOMBAY Choco born from the combination of finest chocolate and cream. The harmony of ingredients scrupulously selected creates a liqueur that melts in the mouth offering a unique taste experience that involves all the senses: a multi-sensorial journey that starts with chocolate wrap aromas in a crescent of mottled and toasted notes and ends with a delicious bitter cocoa aftertaste .



A cream is a liqueur obtained from an alcoholic base supplemented with cream.

The cream is worked properly to ensure the maximum velvet effect, so it is added to pure alcohol.

The addition of chocolate has been pondered to give the best balance between consistency in liquor mouth and intense aromaticity.

The choosen alcohol content (17 °) exfoliates the aromas of milk that well marries the other flavors and smells present.

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