Each generational transition has enabled tradition to be highlighted, triggering innovations based on an increased knowledge of the production process and the raw materials used. So it was in 1986, when the brothers Silvano and Pietro Domenis, committed in their work among the stills, created “Storica”, the spirit which enshrined the recognition of Domenis as synonymous with quality, a standard-bearer for the Made in Italy concept, the Italian expression of culture and tradition rooted in a single territory.
Domenis also offers its experience in sustaining national and regional appreciation of grappa: Domenis Silvano, president for 25 years of the Consortium for the Protection of Grappa Friulana, cooperates with the European Council regulation bodies which in 1989 restricted the use of the name “grappa” only to grape pomace distillates produced in Italy. Now the fourth generation of the Cividale del Friuli family, under the mnagement of Cristina Domenis, marks this moment of further growth.
Our organisation has new goals: the grafting of new skills, a growing sensitivity to environmental protection, systems for quality control, and a market approach that explores new ways to drink grappa.