❆ DOMENIS1898 in Red

domenis in red – multi item proposal iii

D_OMEN is a natural and fresh low-alcohol drink with apple and citrus flavour. With its citrus-fruity organoleptic properties is obtained by mixing a pure alcohol-base with essential oils and vegetable dyes, among which apple prevails. The citrus aroma, conferred by the orange peels, is enhanced by a pleasant cinchona, gentian and rhubarb bitter base. Straight at room temperature, smooth up on the rocks, mixed with sparkling wine or orange juice or as a base of endless combinations of cocktails and aperitifs.
Dot gin is produced with an intense juniper alcohol and botanicals carefully selected, which perfectly blend with pure alcohol. Among these, the citruses stand out the most in the form of essential oils, including bergamot, tangerine and lemon.
On the other hand, the pleasant spiced notes are provided by angelica and by coriander fruits.
The result is a crystal-clear gin, product of a unique recipe among its kind for style and aromatic notes on the palate. The balance of the many components and its overall delicacy makes it particularly suitable for mixing.
For the Duca Orso Prosecco the glera 100% grapes are harvest and selected by hand between September and October, respecting the production year. After the cold fermentation in temperature-controlled tanks and the secondary fermentation, a refinement in autoclaves for about 120 days is followed by a month refinement in bottle.
Pale yellow straw with a fine and persistent perlage that brings elegance to the glass.
Scents of rose, citrus fruit, acacia, white peach,
pear and apple to the nose. The taste is harmonious and delicate, sapid and slightly aromatic. A simple harmony leaves a pleasant sensation in the mouth.


This proposal is the fil rouge of an exquisite and elegant night for a complete tasting experience. D_OMEN, with a characteristic ruby dress, is a charismatic citrusy liqueur with an enjoyable bitter basis. Follow closely behind, TRITTICO Dot gin with its unmistakable delicacy which makes it really appreciated. In combination with Duca Orso the DOMENIS1898 D.O.C.G. Prosecco from the strong personality.

With these precious distillates the set of Opera glasses as a gift

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