1898 Vermut Rosé

1898 Vermut Rosé

Women’s Wine & Spirits Awards 2022


Falstaff Spirits Special 2021


The WineHunter Award 2021 - Rosso Award


IWSC International Wine & Spirit Competition 2021


International Spirits Award 2021


New York International Spirits Competition 2021


1898 Vermut Rosé is a sweet flavoured wine. White Friulano and red Refosco are the wines used and represent a moderately tannic base that elegantly blends with the aromaticity of Absinthe.

The essential oils of sweet and bitter orange give a pleasant citrus scent that goes well with the delicate spicy bouquet to which Oregano also contributes.

Refined and delicate vermouth.

Brilliant red colour with vermilion reflection.


1898 Vermut Rosé is a refined flavoured wine, with a brilliant red colour with vermilion reflections. Characterised by citrus notes and an unexpected spicy finish, it is ideal to be tasted straight or with ice accompanied by orange or pink grapefruit zest, up to your taste.

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