America Awards 2023 - Gold


Ageing for 18 months in exCognac barrels enriches Storica with additional flavours,

giving the final product the right complexity of an exclusive meditation grappa.

Amber-coloured and soft, it is characterised by an articulate aromatic bouquet and a balanced and original personality, just waiting to be discovered.


The pomace is collected fresh from selected suppliers.
Distillation takes place in a discontinuous direct steam system with eight copper stills.After a careful selection of the most suitable grappa, it is put to ageing in small
barrels already used with Cognac.
In the long resting time it is transformed, thanks to the natural oxygenation through the staves and the extraction of typical aromas released by the wood.
Clear amber-coloured grappa, harmonious hints of vanilla and wood to the nose.The taste releases variegated fruity-spicy essences.
The aftertaste is very long and enveloping.

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