Domenis I III RE – Schioppettino

Domenis I III RE – schioppettino

Women’s Wine & Spirits Awards 2022


International Wine Spirits Competition 2023


Falstaff Spirits Special 2021


Premio Mediterraneo Packaging 2021


Vinitaly Design 2020


Schioppettino, a noble native wine varietal that, thanks to the passion, wisdom and patience of our master distillers, was crowned one of the undisputable kings of our production. Precious distillate that tells distant stories heard in the barrel room silence. Intense and soft vanilla sensation to the palate replaced by a pleasant, intense and prolonged aftertaste of roasting.


Schioppettino grape pomace is collected fresh from selected suppliers, then stored and processed separately. The distillation takes place in a discontinuous copper plant with 8 stills, with direct steam. After a careful selection of the batches suitable for ageing follows their resting in small barrels. The distillate “transformation” takes place at 40° alcohol content to accentuate its delicacy. Amber grappa with fine sensations of wood essences to the nose. Soft and intense vanilla sensation to the palate. The aftertaste of exotic fruit is pleasant, intense and prolonged.

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