Dombay Cherry


Falstaff Spirits Special 2021


DOMBAY Cherry originates from a craftsmanship that allows to extract the essence of cherry and to find it again in every sip.

Sweet and velvety, with a soft and aromatic taste is the perfect combination.

Smooth or with ice, DOMBAY Cherry is perfect as a fine meal digestion and ideal for cocktails and long drinks; add it to the salad or to the ice cream to give that extra touch.



A cream is a liqueur obtained from an alcoholic base supplemented with cream.

The cream is worked properly to ensure the maximum velvet effect, so it is added to pure alcohol.

The aroma of the liquor has the typical note of ripe cherry distillate and the color is red on.

The choosen alcohol content (17 °) exfoliates the aromas of milk that well marries the other flavors and odours present.

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