Women Wine Spirit Awards 2023 - Gold


The distillation of juniper along with other botanicals produces a typical and very intense gin. It has a pronounced citrus flavour, thanks to the grapefruit and bitter orange with angelica and coriander providing an elegant spiciness.

Crystal clear gin, with a vibrant, natural hue. The aroma is enveloping and balanced, with notes that recall a walk in a summer meadow.

Delicate and smooth on the palate, with an explosion of flavours in the mouth: first come the citrus scents then give room to a lingering and harmonious spiciness. Designed for the mixing world, it will add a vibrant and fresh touch of colour to your cocktails.


Enveloping and balanced gin, which is as elegant as it is surprising. Its hue makes it ideal for the world of Mixology. The contribution of selected botanicals connotes its citrus scent of grapefruit and sweet orange, with a spicy finish. Ginrose is perfect for preparing cocktails and will add character to your gin and tonics.

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