Epulae 2022 - I Pezzi da '90 - Oro


For this internationally renowned grape variety, we have worked tirelessly.

The result will satisfy the most demanding palates, both for meditation and for a delicate after-meal sip. The softness, even with a moderate alcohol level, is in step with the most modern tastes and consumer trends.


The Sauvignon fresh pomace is collected from selected suppliers and is separately stored in silos from the time of the original grape harvest.

Distillation occurs in eight copper pot stills.
The cutting of heads and tails in the distillation allows for the isolation of a “heart” of the distillate free of defects and complete and balanced, with an alcohol content of approximately 75°.
The “transformation” to the final alcohol content (40°) is achieved by water dilution and cold-filtration, at a temperature that assures the preservation of the fruity component.

A colourless crystal clear grappa. The nose hints are frank and fragrant. The taste is pleasantly persistent. The white grape pomace confers on the distillate an intense and complex set of aromas.

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