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The perfect marriage. Delicate honey with refined grappa, a sweet aromatic explosion. Organically produced Friuli honey from the Amorpha Fruticosa plant gives the grappa a pleasant fruity aroma. An excellent liqueur with desserts or savoured alone, irreplaceable if you want to taste a product which is particular in its scents and taste sensation.


Organically produced. Grappa from black and white grape pomace and Amorpha Fruticosa, widespread as a wild plant alongside ditches, rivers and streams, from which derives a very characteristic honey with a fruity aroma reminiscent of jellies, candied fruit and marmalade.

The grappa distillation occurs in eight copper pot stills at low-temperature steam.
After a year of ageing it is mixed with honey to make the liqueur which is then bottled.

Dedicated equipment and storage areas are employed in order to respect certified organic procedures, while the distillation plant is carefully cleansed to eliminate the residues of other processes prior to its use.
The colour is amber with a uniformly diffuse hazy texture. The nose is extremely fine and intense; the scent of honey initially prevails then fades into that characteristic of grappa.

Honey aromas blend gently with those of grappa.

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