Women's Wine & Spirits Awards 2023 – Gold Medal


Falstaff Tasting 2020


New York Intl Spirits Competition - Silver - 93


Diamond Spirits Award 2019


Obtained from the slow maceration of wisely selected raw materials that give CIRASA a unique and full-bodied aroma.
CIRASA is a liqueur with an outstanding, unique fineness, characterized also by the presence of sour cherry juice. Delicious almond flavours complement its aromatic profile.
Thanks to the low alcohol content, its flavour is characterised by an elegant balance and a pleasant persistence.
Taste it cold, CIRASA is the perfect ingredient in fruity cocktails or mixed with Champagne and/or Prosecco.


The amber highlights and the dark ruby red denote the intense aromatic notes of CIRASA, the liqueur warm on the palate with a rich and inimitable taste.
Straight or with ice for a pleasant and unique end-of-meal.

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