Falstaff Spirits Special 2022


Falstaff Spirits Special 2022


Women's Wine & Spirits Awards 2021


Frankfurt Internationa Trophy Gold 2020


The skills of our experts in aromas extraction and a sacredness permeated process with ancient origin give birth to NOTEN liqueur.
The aroma that comes from a dyeing of green nuts, obtained by the ground green fruit maceration in alcohol for several days, is characteristic. The fine plants and aromatic herbs components enhance NOTEN, making it a concentrate of flavours and traditions. DOMENIS1898 grappa is also part of the alcoholic base is, in a quantity that harmonically enhances the important aromatic contribution of the nuts. NOTEN has pleasant coffee scents.


Straight and at room temperature to capture each of the valuable local essences from which it is created.
With ice to enjoy the modern, decisive and intense taste.
Sublime dessert with a persuasive aroma if accompanied to the fresh and soft flavour of fiordilatte ice cream.

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