Spirits Selection 2021


Women's Wine & Spirits Awards 2021


Falstaff Tasting 2020


New York Intl Spirits Competition - Bronze - 91


Diamond Spirits Award 2019


BOTANIC BITTER is obtained from wisely selected herbs dyeing, barks, roots and essential oils.
The result is a very pleasant bitter, with a perfectly balanced sugar and alcohol content which enhance the citrusy part of the aroma.
Fruits, flowers and roots tell a recipe made of unique flavours and aromas that characterised the taste of BOTANIC BITTER
With a blend that satisfies everyone, BOTANIC BITTER is perfect as aperitif, even mixed, also intense if tasted cold.
A new and modern approach to the classic «bitter».


Clear, dark ruby red coloured as a result of the botanicals used, taste BOTANIC BITTER straight to distinguish each of the essences that compose it.
Appreciated as aperitif, BOTANIC BITTER contains local herbs with tonic and digestive properties.
Its unmistakable and unique blend with sweet and bitter notes makes it also perfect as an ingredient for the preparation of cocktails and long drinks.
Enjoy it with ice to taste its particularly valuable and modern tone.

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