Born from selected and fragrant pomace. This crystal clear handcrafted distillate is surprisingly clean and harmonious to the nose; the taste is complete with a consistent persistence that makes it perfect for the end of a meal.


The grape pomace is collected fresh, also fermented, from selected suppliers.
The use of low temperature steam (slightly higher than 100°C) enables the extraction of volatile components from the best pomace without damaging them, especially the aromatic ones.

Judicious cutting of heads and tails is carried out by the master distiller, an expert with perfect knowledge of the raw material to be processed, in this case so heterogeneous that during storage it evolves from day to day.
Refinement in stainless steel vats for at least one year confers a greater balance compared to freshly distilled alternatives.
Colourless and crystal clear grappa, clean-scented and harmonious, the taste is completed with a significant persistence

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