Alla Mixology non si comanda – AGMIX6

Alla Mixology non si comanda – AGMIX6

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This offer is designed for those who want to always have the best of the DOMENIS1898 world at home.
Choose the convenience of receiving our premium products every three months, our subscription service allows you to receive our DOMBoxes containing a selection of the best DOMENIS1898 spirits and latest products throughout the year. You will be able to taste the great classics and, of course, our new proposals will not be missing!

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Receive 4 packages per year, the first DOMbox is sent immediately and the others in the designated shipping months (APR, LUG, OCT, JAN)
Sending days every 5th or 25th of the month
Full payment in advance
Withdrawal within 14 working days from receipt of the first package with a full refund
Free shipping


If you choose this subscription you will receive:

DOMBox 1
2x Ballykeefe Lady Desart
2x Ballykeefe Poìtin
2x Gin Nero

DOMBox 2 

Friulan Angel
Ballykeefe Irish Extra Dry
Storica Verde
Trittico Queen Mary
Trittico D_OMEN
Lady D Shades of Orange

DOMBox 3
2x Ballykeefe Sloe Gin
2x Trittico Dot gin
2x GEOMETRIE Cividât gin

DOMBox 4

2x Ballykeefe Vodka
2x Ballykeefe Moonshine
2x Italian Botanist

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