Grappa alla Ruta

Grappa alla Ruta

International Wine & Spirits Competition 2022


Women’s Wine & Spirits Awards 2022


Falstaff Spirits Special 2021


International Organic Awards 2021


Alambicco d’Oro 2020 – Silver Medal


Organically produced for those who prefer the certainty of a natural product.

The light green chlorophyll colour accompanies the delicate but distinct taste of Rue, whose delicate aroma is reminiscent of evanescent herbaceous scents.

A metaphor and at the same time an all-natural reality.


Organically produced. Grappa from black and white grape pomace flavoured with Ruta Graveolens (Rue), a herbaceous medicinal plant with yellow flowers and small oval-shaped leaves. This plant, typical of southern Europe, is present throughout Italy from the plains to mountain areas, in both stony and sunny locations.

Distillation occurs in eight copper pot stills at low temperature steam. The product is refined in stainless steel vats for at least one year prior to aromatisation with the infusion of Rue-based grappa and finally, a sprig of the plant is included in the bottle.

Dedicated equipment and storage areas are employed in order to respect certified organic procedures, while the distillation plant is carefully cleansed to eliminate the residues of other processes prior to its use.
Crystal clear with a natural colour which varies from pale chlorophyll hues to deep green. The pleasant and characteristic scent of Rue is evident. Good persistence on the palate with the unique and characteristic nuance of Rue

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