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Bergamot is a liqueur characterized by the aroma of Bergamot essential oils extracted from its peels. A pure alcohol base and cane sugar. The wise dosage of these components contributes to the exaltation of the aroma and the balance of sweetness. The coloration is enriched with Safflower flower extract.
Botanic bitter is obtained from wisely selected herbs dyeing, barks, roots and essential oils. The result is a very pleasant bitter, with a perfectly balanced sugar and alcohol content which enhance the citrusy part of the aroma.
Fruits, flowers and roots tell a recipe made of unique flavours and aromas that characterised the taste of Botanic bitter. With a blend that satisfies everyone, it is perfect as aperitif, even mixed, also intense if tasted cold. A new and modern approach to the classic «bitter».
Cirasa is a liqueur with an outstanding, unique fineness, characterized also by the presence of sour cherry juice. Delicious almond flavours complement its aromatic profile. Thanks to the low alcohol content, its flavour is characterised by an elegant balance and also a pleasant persistence. Taste it cold, Cirasa is the perfect ingredient in fruity cocktails or mixed with Champagne and/or Prosecco
Dot gin is produced with an intense juniper alcohol and botanicals carefully selected, which perfectly blend with pure alcohol. Among these, the citruses stand out the most in the form of essential oils, including bergamot, tangerine and lemon. On the other hand, the pleasant spiced notes are provided by angelica and by coriander fruits. The result is a crystal-clear gin, product of a unique recipe among its kind for style and aromatic notes on the palate. The balance of the many components and its overall delicacy makes it particularly suitable for mixing.
The fine plants and aromatic herbs components enhance Noten, making it a concentrate of flavours and traditions. DOMENIS1898 grappa is also part of the alcoholic basis. Noten has pleasant coffee scents.
Queen Mary is a bitter liqueur obtained from the extract of selected Cannabis sativa seeds. The pure alcohol base has been enriched with twenty botanicals including juniper, angelica, rhubarb, turmeric, ginger, sweet and bitter orange. The taste is characterized by herbaceous notes typical of hemp.


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You can have directly to your home the delicacy of Dot gin, the captivating essences of Bergamot or the modern and firm Noten walnut taste. Cirasa bring the cherry sweetness, Botanic Bitter its bitter but velvety bouquet and Queen Mary enriches with its touch of innovation directly extracted from Cannabis Sativa seeds selection.

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