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Spirito di Vite 2018 - Gran Menzione d'Argento


To celebrate the centenary of our company, a grappa of strong character, fine and balanced. Highly aromatic, yet round, surprising for the infinite sensations offered for tasting. Certainly for meditation. Sip slowly to appreciate the thousand bouquets on the nose and sensations on the palate.


The grape pomace is collected fresh, also fermented, from selected suppliers.
Distillation occurs in eight copper pot stills. The use of low temperature direct steam (slightly higher than 100°C), blown into the base of the distillation stills, enables the extraction of volatile components from the pomace mass without damaging them, especially the aromatic ones.

The origin, from the pomace of white grapes, helps to mark a strong aromatic personality; the contribution of black grape pomace gives roundness and unmistakable harmony.

The choice of alcoholic strength (60°) clearly enhances the aromatic intensity typical of grappa with an incredible softness in spite of the significant alcohol content. An elegant balance is assured together with a pleasant prolonged persistence.

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