Course: dessert

Difficulty: easy

Serves: 4

Time: 20′ prep + 10′ cooking

300 gr of flour 0
50 gr potato starch
60 gr brown sugar
60 ml extra-virgin olive oil
2 tablespoons of baking powder
1 teaspoon of natural vanilla extract
80 ml Vegan Grappa DOMENIS1898
50 ml rice milk
Seed oil for frying
Powdered sugar


Step 1

On a worktop make a fountain with the flour, starch, sugar and baking powder. In the center pour the oil, Vegan Grappa, vanilla extract and half of the rice milk. Start kneading. Mix everything well and make the dough even, add just enough milk to make a shortbread-like dough. It will be a little rough because of the sugar but perfectly smooth.

Step 2

Divide the resulting dough into 4 equal parts. Prepare the dough machine or flatten the rolls with a rolling pin, obtaining the thickness you want (ideally 2mm). Using a toothed cutter or a simple pizza cutter, cut out rectangles of dough measuring about 1cm x 4cm.

Once you have obtained the strips, pour the seed oil into a frying pan. When it is hot enough, place and fry the Chiacchiere. Be careful not to let them stick together and turn them often to make the frying homogeneous.

Step 3

When they are golden brown and crisp, strain them through a colander and serve them on a plate with paper towels. For the sweet tooth, a sprinkling of powdered sugar et voila! Your vegan Chiacchiere are ready to be enjoyed.