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Futura36 after extensive selections to choose the most suitable batches of grappa from various black and white grape varieties, they are aged for eighteen months in antique casks in oak, a wood that even if repeatedly reused, releases the characteristic amber colour. With this type of wooden cask, rather than yielding aromas, the dominant process is the natural action of oxygen through the slats. This transforms a fresh distillate into a rounded and elegant acquavite. As always, the product is then carefully refined in stainless steel vats for at least six months to allow the grappa to “settle” after such an important step. Clear and amber in colour, it is intense and elegant, very soft, yet still maintaining significant freshness. The aftertaste is lingering and enveloping.
BLANC E NERI Riserva, with a slightly amber colour, it has a pleasant intensity and aroma that culminates in an elegant aftertaste, persistent and harmonious.
The suitable grappa Tradizione Invecchiata 40° batches start the ageing process in wooden casks for at least a year. As always, the product is then carefully refined in stainless steel vats for at least six months. An amber spirit with intense yet fine scents and a soft taste typical of a skilfully cask-aged grappa. The persistence is elegant and pleasant.
The ageing of Storica Riserva occurs in antique oak casks, a wood that although repeatedly reused, releases the characteristic amber colour. Then a blend is made with grappas of different ageings, at least 18 months, some younger and others aged in wood for some years.
LA120, created for the 120th Anniversary of DOMENIS1898′ activity, has been distilled from fresh and selected pomace by drip method, with a slow and careful distillation to recover the best aromas from the raw material. Ageing for 18 months in antique oak casks, the wood aromas are extracted only in the right quantity, to enhance the typical grappa fragrances. The 41,20 degrees of alcohol nearly on a whim, but suitable to make this grappa very intense and elegant on the nose, at the same time with extremely soft and fine taste and, above all, very persistent.


A selection of DOMENIS1898 aged grappas!
LA120, incomparable result of a careful selection among the grappas jealously preserved in DOMENIS1898’ cellars. Storica Riserva, ageing in antique oak casks with its distinct and sincere scents.
BLANC E NERI Riserva, a blended composition of the best of grappas in the 18-month old wood aged product line.
Futura36, bring with itself a superior richness of aromas and scents compared to its young sister Futura12.
Tradizione 40° Invecchiata, in a 100 cl bottle; intense, impeccable and with a smooth taste.

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