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The alcoholic fermentation of the Storica Nera grape pomace occurs in the must and then in the cellar, a process that ensures a raw material rich in the best aromatic elements. The pomace is picked fresh from selected suppliers and is also stored in silos for up to a few months following the first racking. Distillation is done in eight copper pot stills, to produce a “raw” grappa with approximately 75 per cent alcohol. The “transformation” to the final alcohol content (50°) is made with water dilution and cold-filtration, at a temperature that assures the preservation of the aromatic component. A grappa of crystal clear appearance, it offers a rich and fine nose with strong notes. The aftertaste is harmonious and characterised by a round and balanced bouquet.
Storica Amaro is obtained thanks to the skill of expert extractors of plant aromas. Together with them we formulated a balanced recipe for an extremely pleasant and intense liqueur, of excellent quality as are all our products. It results from the infusion and distillation of about 20 plant essences extracted from fruits, flowers and roots.
Star anise contained in Storica Sambuca is one of the oldest spices, used in cooking even back in the times of the Egyptians, Greeks and Romans; it has always stood out for its intense and pleasant aroma. The ingredients used are carefully selected and appropriately mixed according to our recipe. A sweet and distinctive liqueur with the typical aroma of aniseed.
Storica Verde is a slightly sweet and spicy liquor obtained from the slow maceration of selected plants and aromatic herbs in alcohol. Thanks to the low alcohol content, its flavour is characterised by an elegant balance and a pleasant persistence. The fine components obtained from plants give the fresh aroma that distinguishes Storica Verde, making it at the same time so versatile.


Proud flagship product of DOMENIS1898 tradition, this purchase proposal of two bottles of Storica Amaro, Storica Sambuca and Storica Verde, gives you the possibility to have the unique Storica Nera in magnum size.

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