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Dot gin is produced with an intense juniper alcohol and botanicals carefully selected, which perfectly blend with pure alcohol. Among these, the citruses stand out the most in the form of essential oils, including bergamot, tangerine and lemon. On the other hand, the pleasant spiced notes are provided by angelica and by coriander fruits.The result is a crystal-clear gin, product of a unique recipe among its kind for style and aromatic notes on the palate. The balance of the many components and its overall delicacy makes it particularly suitable for mixing.
Gin Nero is the DOMENIS1898 product dedicated to bartenders and mixology lovers: the extraordinary aroma and the unique delicacy make it particularly appreciated. A light blend perfectly harmonized with the other ingredients, enclosed in a manageable bottle which guarantee a secure grip.
GEOMETRIE Cividât Gin 19 botanicals, dyeing or essential oil of mainly local herbs, with interesting addition of different citrus fruits. These ingredients blend with pure grain alcohol and a fine juniper alcohol, obtained by distilling its carefully macerated berries. A unique recipe among its kind for style and aromatic notes on the palate: the scent that emerges is delicate, ethereal and blends well with its taste. Cividât is perfect for a single-variety tasting, also cold. It is suitable also to be mixed, even with mainstream tonics.
Ballykeefe Extra Dry Gin made in Kilkenny – Ireland with 12 botanicals accurately selected from the Master Distiller, one of the most world honoured. The aromas are extracted thanks to the steam infused in the pot still and then the distillate obtained is mixed in small lots with the characteristic water of the deep Ballykeefe aquifer. This gin is gold medal winner in the first presentation in «London Dry Category» at World Gin Awards 2019.
Ballykeefe Lady Desart original dry gin with magical oriental touch. Its 12 botanicals are infused in italian pot stills and include three rare pepper types hand harvest in the faraway mountainos regions of Vietnam and Cambodia.
Ballykeefe Sloe Gin is obtained by the blackthorn fruits maceration. The recipe and the production method have lot of secrets. Winner of the gold medal at World Liqueur Awards 2019.


For all the Gin lovers, the reunion of the best ones.
Six different recipes to fully appreciate your favourite Spirit in the way you prefer.
Everyone with its peculiarities, in a few steps they will come directly to your home with an exclusive price…

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