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For the Storica Bianca the grape pomace is collected fresh from selected suppliers and is stored in silos for up to a few months after the grape harvest.
In this crucial phase it is very important to shelter it from the air according to a delicate method where the silo roof is covered to promote the conditions favourable to the yeasts which are responsible for alcoholic fermentation.
Distillation occurs in eight copper pot stills. Crystal clear appearance, fine nose. Strong intensity, characterised by an intense and complex collection of aromas. Harmonious persistence.
Also for the Storica Nera production the grape pomace is collected fresh from selected suppliers. A grappa of crystal clear appearance, it offers a rich and fine nose with strong notes. The aftertaste is harmonious and characterised by a round and balanced bouquet.
The ageing of Storica Riserva occurs in antique oak casks, a wood that although repeatedly reused, releases the characteristic amber colour. Then a blend is made with grappas of different ageings, at least 18 months, some younger and others aged in wood for some years.


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