Course: first

Difficulty: easy

Portions: 4

Time: 20′ prep. 15′ cooking

600g beef fillet
75g Soy Sauce
75g Botanic Bitter
8 bay leaves
1 rosemary sprig
1 clove of garlic
Black pepper to taste
Fine salt to taste
A squeeze of lemon
Extra virgin olive oil to taste


Step 1

Cut the slices about 2 cm thick to obtain 4 medallions. Cover the edge of the medallions with bay leaves to flavour the meat, pass the twine around the edge of the slices to secure it. Set them aside.

Step 2

Prepare the sauce: pour in the soy sauce and add the Botanic Bitter flavoured with lemon. Cook over moderate heat until the sauce reduces to a thick mixture.

Step 3

Cook the medallions in the resulting sauce for 3 minutes at a high temperature. Season the fillets with salt once browned on both sides. Serve hot with the prepared sauce.