Italian Botanist


The botanicals are mainly represented by local herbs as tincture or essential oil.

The floral citrus character is due to different citrus fruits and to the main contribution of iris. The spiciness derives from angelica and anise, the intriguing herbaceous note from basil.

These ingredients blend with pure grain alcohol and a fine juniper alcoholate, obtained from its carefully macerated berries.

A unique recipe among its kind for style and aromatic notes on the palate: the scent that emerges is delicate, ethereal and blends well with its taste.

Italian Botanist is perfect for a single-variety tasting, also cold.

It is suitable also to be mixed, even with mainstream tonics.


Typically yellow-coloured and with its unique delicate scent, Italian Botanist is the real essence of the botanicals used, almost all strictly selected from the surroundings of Cividale.

Strong, clear and locally made, Italian Botanist is certainly recommended for single-variety tasting / meditation. Thanks to its smoothness and elegance, Italian Botanist is suitable for the mixing of cocktails where the distillate perfectly blends with other ingredients and liquors.

Minimum order quantity: 60 bottles.

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