Friulian Angel



Friulian Angel is produced with an intense juniper alcoholate and botanicals carefully selected, which perfectly blend with pure alcohol.

The fruity charateristic is due to the essential oils of citrus fruits. The pleasant spicy note is instead provided by angelica with the addition of cinnamon and cloves.

The result is a crystal clear gin, result of a unique recipe among its kind for style and aromatic notes on the palate.

The balance of the many components and its overall delicacy makes it particularly suitable for mixing.


Friulian Angel is a product dedicated to bartenders and  mixology enthusiasts: its extraordinary aroma and unique finesse make it particularly appreciated.

A soft blend, which perfectly matches with other ingredients, in a fashionable handy bottle that guarantees a firm grip.

The bartender recommends: drink it pure or mixed in your favourite cocktail.

Minimum order quantity: 60 bottles.

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