The silver linings of Grappa if consumed with moderation

The silver linings of Grappa if consumed with moderation

5 Grappa properties that make it a remedy according to popular wisdom. And who are we to deny it?

1) A little help to relieve teeth pain
The alcohol contained in grappa can act as an anesthetizer, often used by farmers as an excellent dental analgesic. Some research confirms that alcohol is an effective pain reliever that provides clinically relevant reductions in pain intensity. It should only be used in rare cases so as not to incur long-term health consequences.

2) It helps against osteoarthritis
In addition to pain relief, grappa is useful even if prepared in infusion with mallow leaves to help against osteoarthritis, especially the one located on the foot, shoulder and knee.

3) It has digestive properties
Grappa has ingredients that often encourage the digestive process. Consume it at the end of the meal to obtain the ability to facilitate digestion as long as it is drunk in moderation.

4) Wellness for skin
Innovative natural treatments of Grappatherapy which combines the active principles of polyphenols and flavonoids contained in grapes, grape seeds and pomace. These elements, true allies of well-being, have an intense antioxidant action, neutralizing the free radicals responsible for ageing and the appearance of wrinkles, skin spots and loss of tone and elasticity. The natural extracts of Grappatherapy also allow to purify the skin, toning the peripheral microcirculation, hydrating and giving protein, lipid, vitamin and mineral nutrition. To give a brighter and smoother appearance are also the recognized regenerating and moisturizing properties of the grapes and grape seed oil.

5) Panacea, a drop of grappa in milk and honey…
It is perhaps the property that is automatically associated with a cup of hot milk and honey to heal a sore throat. There are also those who add a small amount of grappa, which is really minimal but which „disinfects“. In any case, hot milk and honey are healthy; milk is rich in vitamins A, of those of group B and D, in minerals, calcium, and then it contains animal proteins and lactic acid.