Prawn Risotto with Blanc Moscato


Course: first

Difficulty: easy

Serves: 4

Time: 30′ cooking

50 g butter
320 g Carnaroli type rice
half onion
16 red Sicilian prawns
5 cl Blanc Moscato Grappa
1,5 lt vegetable stock
Chopped thyme

STEP 1: First of all clean the prawns without throwing away the heads. Put the cleaned prawn tails between two baking paper sheets. Gently flatten them with the use of a meat mallet. Chop and blonde the onion in a pan with a little butter. Add the Carnaroli rice and toast it.

STEP 2: Simmer with the grappa, leave it to evaporate and add the hot vegetable stock until the rice will be covered. Squash the prawn heads and add the liquid that will go out into the stock.

STEP 3: When the rice will be ready add the flatten prawn tails and serve in the centre of a dish. Complete with chopped thyme and a few drops of Blanc e Neri Moscato.

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