Cremoso with Luce di Uve and Amaretti biscuits and crumbles


Course: dessert

Difficulty: easy

Serves: 4

Time: 30′ prep + 1h for cooling

200 gr Amaretti biscuits
250 gr Mascarpone cheese
250 gr Quark with low-fat content
250 gr Yoghurt
150 gr Cheese crème fraîche
150 gr Sugar
100 ml Luce di Uve Malvasia Grappa
250 gr Cream

STEP 1: Set aside some whole amaretti to decorate. Pack the remaining biscuits in a freezer bag, seal up and reduce to crumbs with a rolling pin. Pour into a bowl and sprinkle with a little Luce di Uve Malvasia.

STEP 2: Mix mascarpone cheese, low-fat quark, yoghurt, crème fraîche, sugar and grappa until obtaining a creamy texture. Whip the cream and incorporate it.

STEP 3: Now, first pour a layer of cream into a large bowl and spread the soaked amaretti crumbs to create a thin layer. Repeat this operation alternately until all ingredients are over. The last layer should be cream. Decorate with the amaretti left just before serving, otherwise, they will become mushy. Serve the cream after having cooled it in the fridge.

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