Secolo Barrique Millesimata


Premio Alambicco d'Oro 2019 - Gold Medal


Secolo Barrique Millesimata is the result of a long ageing period in precious and selected French barrique for more than 18 months, followed by a refinement in stainless steel.

From the combination of wood and grappa comes a nectar with an extraordinary amber colour that denotes an unparalleled smoothness and unique olfactory nuances.


Selected and fresh pomace are used for the distillation in eight copper alembic stills.

The full-bodied grappa is aged in barrique and then «processed» to 60° alcohol content to enhance its intense bouquet.

Clear grappa with an intense amber colour, very rich and aromatic to the nose. The taste is majestic, with the countless grappa aromas  elegantly combining with the essence of wood.

Very prolonged and extremely pleasant persistence.

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